Teaching English to young ESL students is fun!

One of the best ways to teach EAL/D students in K-2 is to provide a range of language learning opportunities across the curriculum within the mainstream classroom. It is important that EAL/D learners are able to develop a good relationship with their peers and their classroom teacher in their early years of schooling so it is not advisable to withdraw these students for language learning. A better approach is to provide language opportunities for all the students via a range of well placed activities. While it may not be possible for an EAL/D teacher to provide in class support to every student EAL/D in K-2, you can offer resources and support teachers to use them. Alternatively by allocating a period of time an EAL/D teacher can organise a group based rotation of activities that address language and learning within a KLA.
see examples attached.

I have placed some resources and websites here for you to try - they are loosely linked to themes.


UNIT: Going to school

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Save each PDF to your desk top and then you can change the size and the view

Playground image

Picture cards

Nouns and Verbs

Sentence cards

Positional Language - prepositions
Number language

Use your school images and upload them into the flip book for your class

Useful websites for school
Beginning school booklet
Alpahabet imagesDays of the week
We wash our hands

UNIT: All about ME

oral recount cards

(a time)
(a person)
(an action)
(by what means)
(a feeling
Where (a place)
Why (a reason)
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How to use the recount cards

  • You can leave the cards in an A4 or A3 page

  • Display or have several sets laminated

  • Allow students to create their own recounts using the prompts individually, in pairs or groups

  • Share with class and create a class book

  • Or

  • Cut up the cards for pages 1-6

  • Place each page of cards separately in an envelope or plastic bag labelled who, what, where etc.

  • students in groups choose a picture from each bag to create their own story/recount

  • write, illustrate and share story with class


  • give one bag/envelope to each groups

  • ask one student in each group to choose only (1) one picture from the bag

  • ask the students with the picture card to spend 5-10minutes collaborating on a story (about one clause or sentence each)

  • they can write what they will say during the planning

  • group presents the story to the class

  • later the group can rewrite their recount for display/publication

  • repeat this process with a new person from each group until all have had a turn

  • now all groups can rewrite and publish

Resources and links