Using the ESL Scales

The ESL Scales are used by teachers as an assessment tool. They describe the English language development of ESL learners in oral interaction, reading and responding and writing and can assist in planning, programming, assessment and reporting for ESL students. Reference to the ESL Scales features in the ESL Reporting Scale which was developed to ensure consistent reporting of ESL achievement.
There is more information on Assessing ESL Learners on the page in this wiki. To buy the ESL Scales click here
You can download the ESL Scales from the DEC INTRANET if you are a NSW DEC Teacher

The ESL Scales are also designed to assist teachers in planning and programming activities to support the English language Development of students from Language Backgrounds Other Than English (LBOTE). A range of CASE STUDIES in both Primary and Secondary contexts were conducted using the ESL Scales. A copy of the studies for Primary Schools are provided below.

Case Study One
Using The ESL Scales
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Case Study Two
Teacher USE!
Case Study Six
Case Study EIGHT
Getting Started
Case Study Nine
Itinerant Teacher
Using the ESL SCALES

Early Stage 1

Year 1

Year 2

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